The following has been attributed to the Success of the Most Successful People Ever to Walk this Earth...

"Thirty million people, including 500 Self Made Millionaires, have used these Closely Guarded Secrets to Achieve Complete Financial and Personal Success in their life. The question is: Are YOU willing to learn from them too - or will you continue to make excuses why Only the 'Lucky' become Rich?"


Finally - for the first time ever - the Number One Success Book of All Time is Updated, Analyzed and Explained in this Brand New and Ground Breaking Online Video Seminar you can attend from the Comfort Of Your Own Home 24/7, 365 Days a Year....

Amazing new technology Supercharges and Transforms the legendary book "THINK and GROW RICH" into a Fast and Easy,  Step-by-Step, Success System that Walks, Talks and Races you up the 13 Steps to Riches while you achieve and celebrate the Life of Your Dreams

From the desk of Ken Birtles

Dear Friend,

I'm going to be honest with you from the outset and start with some blunt talk. The losers of life use disbelief as an excuse for lack of spirit. Sceptics never get anywhere. Taking a small amount of "risk" is inevitable otherwise everyone would be rich and successful. The trick is to minimise that risk through superior knowledge and minimal effort.

With that in mind I want you to answer me the following question...

Are you willing to spend ten minutes of your time with me so I can prove to you beyond all doubt that you can become a roaring success this year? Or are you another loser who just "talks" about hitting the big time rather than actually going after it?

I make no apologies if the above offends you. The only reason it may hurt you is if deep down you know that you're never going to really make that change yourself. In that case I'm sorry, there is no hope for you. Without heart and fight no one can help change your life. Keep playing the lottery. I wish you all the luck in the world. You're going to need it.

On the other hand if you are the kind of person who wants to read on in order to make an educated decision as to whether or not I am speaking the truth then you are exactly the kind of person I know I can help. You're a go-getter rather than a day-dreamer. For that my friend I applaud you. And I'm also slightly envious.

What you are about to learn is one of life's most exciting secrets. If I could re-live the day I learned these secrets I would do. Many, many times over. It was without doubt the most exciting day of my life. Today I am going to let you in on them too.

Even though you are still reading I bet right now you're as sceptical as hell. You may even be thinking you stumbled upon the web site of a mad man. But let me make you a small promise.

Give me ten minutes of your time...

Read this short invitation...

You will never be the same again.

Once you see what I can give to you, unless you somehow lose your entire memory, it will be impossible for you ever to be "ordinary" again. It will be impossible for you to not know how to make tons of money, how to get a promotion in work, how to pay off that mortgage or get that dream car. Whatever. Starting with nothing you can achieve all of your dreams and hopes, because that is what you want - isn't it?

In the next few minutes you're going to be exposed to some highly sensitive information. Because of this...

...If you're NOT interested in achieving all of your financial and personal dreams within a year, you should NOT read any further

This is pretty confidential stuff. I only want a certain type of person reading this message. Only those who are serious about making dramatic and lasting financial change in their life. There's nothing unethical or illegal about this but I'm about to reveal shocking news which strikes the heart of the "establishment" and unlocks access to a life that, before today, you could only dream of.

Please: you must understand; the 'elite' are NOT at all happy with me for bringing this to the public eye. This is considered to be the most powerful wealth building information ever put down in print. And that's not me saying that - countless millionaires from Richard Branson to Anthony Robbins credit this book as being the catalyst for their success.

Because of this it's been handed down from person to person and generally considered only for - well - the 'elite'. That's why I've annoyed a lot of people. That's also why I felt I had to bring this to the attention of those brave enough to dream big. People like you.

Revealed: Probably the biggest red herring in history! While the population work their butts off for peanuts, the "secret" elite play a different game with different rules...

Are you feeling a little cheated and disillusioned with your life? You should be! Because whilst 99.9% of the population "follow the herd" and lead lives they're told they should do - go to school ... study hard ... get a job ... work hard ... die broke - the "elite" play a whole different game. They don't work hard, yet they earn more money in a month than most do in a lifetime of hard slog.

Don't believe me? Then how about this....

Did you know that there are more millionaires being created, and at a faster rate, then ever before in history? In fact so many people are achieving huge success that there is a shortage of million dollar homes. Yes, you read it right - a shortage! You may think that these people have some sort of advantage over you. Some sort of special skill or qualification. They don't. And trust me that's a good thing.

You see whilst those destined for a mundane life of mediocrity dismiss millionaires as being "lucky", and continue to work in jobs they hate, those of us who know the truth realise that there are only a few differences - or "secrets" if you will - that the really successful people use to attain wealth and live their dreams.

These are the exact same secrets that Richard Branson and Bill Gates have attributed their wealth and success to. Anthony Robbins and even Presidents of the United States used them to spread success to others. They fully admit they they used them to get to the top. Every single successful person on the planet used them too: film stars, pop stars, politicians, millionaires, CEO's....all of them used these secrets to get to the top of their game. Some without even realising it!

The "elite" are not only privy to these secrets, but they use them to attain wealth and success, dare I say it, "magically". That is exactly how it seems when these are applied. The principles have been proven time and time again, over a period of decades, and have been used by over five hundred self made millionaires for over a century!

Now it's your turn.

Why my humble background has opened the door of opportunity wide for YOU...The Backdoor into the Millionaire League...

My background is modest. I don't have any fancy college degrees, I'm not "posh" and I don't come from an affluent family. I had no "contacts" or hand holding from any successful gurus or mentors. I simply stumbled upon a book that changed my life: a book that has changed the life of thirty million plus people from all over the world; a book that I felt needed to be bought to the public eye.

When I read it I felt distinctly uncomfortable. Not only did I realise that I had wasted years of my life following the herd, but I also felt I wasn't deserving of the secrets the book contained. Now I know that everyone deserves to learn the truth. Especially you. I hate elitism. Show me someone who is willing to learn more (hopefully that's you), and I'll show you someone on the way to the top.

Suffering from panic attacks, broke and depressed...I stumbled upon a little book that would transform my life almost instantly...

I think it's best to tell you a little about where I was so you can get the idea of just how powerful this is.

A number of years ago the girl of my dreams dumped me for a guy with a flash Porsche. I was heartbroken. I started suffering from panic attacks and couldn't work. There she was knocking around with a rich guy who had arms the size of my thighs, and there was me - crying myself to sleep in the dark, stone cold broke and wondering why all this heartache was happening to me. I couldn't go anywhere without freaking out and thinking that everyone was waiting for me to make a mistake. I wasn't a horrible person. I'd never even as much as got a parking ticket, let alone committed any crime. I kept asking myself why was I being forced to live such a miserable existence.

My father saw the state of me and one morning he came into my bedroom, pulled back the curtains and told me to get a grip of myself. I swore at him and told him to get the hell out of my room. It hurts me to say that now but I really thought he was part of the "conspiracy" that was trying to make me miserable.

Then he did something that would change my life forever. He handed me a little book. It was a tatty little thing but I could tell by the glint in his eye this was different. My dad was my hero: he'd owned and run a successful business for decades in a fading industry, and bought up a family of five who never wanted for a thing. We weren't rich by any means but there was always food on the table and clothes on our back. The look in his eye showed me he knew something I didn't. It was a look of excitement, like he'd finally realised how to get his son out of the emotional and financial black hole he found himself in. In his eyes there was hope. This in turn gave me hope.

He didn't say anything else to me apart from seven simple words: "Read it. It will change your life."

As usual he was right.

This was something far bigger and more powerful than anything I'd ever seen before

As I started to read I realized I was sitting up in my bed more and more. All of a sudden things started to make sense. The book was written by a guy called Napoleon Hill and called 'THINK and GROW RICH'. You may have heard of it. Maybe you've even read it. Most likely though you've never experienced its true power. I have; and as a result I experienced a huge and permanent positive change in my financial situation.

And now you can experience the full life-changing effects of 'THINK and GROW RICH' too...

With my help and taking advantage of the latest technology you can now turbo charge its power, and experience the benefits even faster than I did.

Get rich with the 'insiders'...Not poor because of them!

I always remember that famous line from the movie 'Wall Street' when trader Gordon Gecko said:

"You're either on the inside or the outside"

Very true...

From here on in in your life you have three options. You can either:

  • A) Take my word as concrete and believe 100% it is true

  • B) Believe it is complete B.S and think I'm a moron

  • C) Try it for yourself without risk and see if you get the results you want

Now I don't know about you but only a fool would take one of the first two options. That's right! I'm not telling you to take my word as gospel. Instead I'm saying try being on the 'inside' 100% risk free. If you don't think your life can change with these secrets than you have risked nothing but a few hours of your time.

A few hours versus the potential to achieve all of your hopes, dreams and desires. The question is: What is more important to you? A financially free future, or a few hours in the present.

Hopefully the future of both you and your family is the most important thing to you. If it's not something's seriously wrong.

So how do you get on the 'inside'? Well it's actually a lot easier than you think...

You already know fortunes can be made. And you also know that it is not down to how intelligent you are or how much money you already have. The question is: WHAT really makes people go from stone cold broke to hugely successful?

So what exactly did 'THINK and GROW RICH' change for me? Why did it have such a profound impact on not only myself but tens of millions of people around the world?

Because it reveals to you the 'mind map' for success. In other words it contains proven ways of thinking that will enable you to achieve all you want to in life. Health, wealth, love and happiness are all just a 'mind switch' away.

Now I know this may sound like some hocus-pocus rubbish at the moment. How can just changing your mind make your rich? Well the truth is it's NOT that easy. You can't just think and become rich, you need to take action too (more on this in a moment). But let's think about this for a second. What is the difference between YOU and millionaires? What is the difference between YOU and film stars, politicians, CEO's and any successful person on the planet?

I can pretty much guarantee in your head you said one of two things just then. You either said "they're lucky" or "they're more talented or intelligent".

And THAT my friend is where the problem lies. The truth is that each and every single person on the planet is fundamentally the same. The one significant difference is the way we think. Whilst the successful think only of what to do to achieve success, those who aren't as successful as they'd like to be think of nothing but barriers, and reasons why they can't do something.

It's quite simple. If you change that one single thing you're on your way.

STOP! Get a 100% FREE Five Day e-course AND Two Free Introductory e-books on the OPEN YOUR MIND to RICHES Action Plan

Sign up to our 100% free five day e-course and we'll send you a free copy of the original THINK and GROW RICH book, a free copy of the 13 STEPS to RICHES - (Think and Grow Rich Made Easy) workbook AND a free five day e-course on the OPEN YOUR MIND to RICHES Action Plan.

Simply input your primary email address below and we'll send you the download links right away




Have YOU got what it takes? Are you willing to try something, without risk, to see if it can change your life - just like it changed the lives of over thirty million people worldwide?

It's time for you to be honest with yourself. If you truly want to achieve serious wealth and success in your life then I will show you how. Without doubt it is possible. But before I offer you a place on this course, the nature of the content means it would be irresponsible of me not to ask you the following questions first:

  • Do you have the emotional maturity to accept things that challenge your long held beliefs?

  • Are you capable of following simple instructions from people who have already achieved the financial freedom and dream lifestyle you want?

  • Would you prefer to complain about having to go to work every day, or to take steps to ensure you never have to go again?

  • Do you have the guts to question 'the system' or do you want to remain a worker drone being taken advantage of your whole life?

I'm telling you now: this course is not for everyone. Without wishing to over dramatize matters I have witnessed grown men shout, cry and even become violent at the content - they would rather bury their head in the sand than learn about the opportunities they have missed out upon. These are not the types of people I want on board. Those who live in the past will always remain in the past.

Instead I want those who are excited that their future can be anything they want it to be. Is this you? I truly hope so. The whole reason there are so many 'get rich quick' programs and scams in the world today is because we are looking for a 'quick fix' to our problems. I am afraid the time has come for us all to grow up. There is no quick fix. No "band aid" that will create wealth overnight.

There is, however, a proven method for creating insane wealth in just under five years' time. It has been regularly proven by millionaires and successful people globally since 1923. I have used it to create more wealth than I could ever have dreamed of. And now you can have the same opportunity to learn from it in a way that will turbo-charge its power.

Come on Ken: enough; tell me what this is all about!

When I finally understood, and more importantly when I put it into action and got amazing results, I knew I wanted to bring the 'THINK and GROW RICH' phenomenon to the public eye. And I'm not just talking about the book here. Anyone can read the book, but the key to success is in understanding its principles. And that is why I am writing this letter today.

I am not on some kind of moral crusade to bring 'power to the people'. Quite frankly this kind of information in the wrong hands could be disastrous. No: I simply realise that by sharing these secrets with others, and explaining them in easy to understand terms via new technology, I can help many, many people achieve their dreams; and I can also increase my own income (how is that for a dose of honesty?).

I want to train people the THINK and GROW RICH 'way' without them having to decipher the book's secrets themselves. So I've turbo charged the entire program to enable anyone to use it for huge results quickly.

That's where you come in...

Your life is a direct result of the thoughts and decisions that you've had and made in the past. Using groundbreaking technology I will get you thinking and acting like the most successful people ever to walk the planet...resulting in dramatic and lasting change to your personal and financial life - because that's what you want - isn't it?

I'm guessing you've probably read a book on self-help or entrepreneurship before. Many of them say things like "think positively" and "have discipline" and even worse: "never give up". Yes: these work. Yes: you need them. No: they alone won't make you a success.

You see what you need is a specific action plan. A specific process you can just follow in order to create your future, more beautiful than you could ever have hoped for. I have created an action plan just like that. An action plan centred around the book that has created more millionaires than any other ever written. An action plan that can make YOU the next big success story.

Using brand new online technology you can sit back and learn through a live 5 hour online seminar. This gives you a step-by-step guide to everything you need to do in order to achieve complete financial freedom. It walks you through Napoleon Hill's classic 'THINK and GROW RICH' method, analyzing each step and giving you a workable action plan you can put into play today to create a breathtaking tomorrow.

Let me break down exactly what is in this home training program...

Here's what you get with the 'OPEN YOUR MIND to RICHES Action Plan' Home Study Course


This powerful home study program turbo-charges the greatest success book of all time and turns it into a method for creating your perfect future in the fastest possible time.

Component #1 - 'THINK and GROW RICH' Video

To complement the online video seminar, this video presents all the main points in simple plain English. If you haven't got time to read the book itself this video series will bring it to life in seconds and rapidly reinforce the key secrets to success

Component #2 - 'THINK and GROW RICH' Audio

If you prefer listening to reading a book or watching a video this is for you. Listen to this professional recording as the entire book is read out in a gentle tone from start to finish.  Upload these files to your iPhone (or similar), play it on your iPod, listen to it directly from your PC or even burn a CD and play it in any other audio device. This is great if you're on the go, on a train, in a car, just plug your head phones in, turn on your CD player and let the life-changing success secrets be absorbed into your mind.

Component #3 - Five Hour Online Video Seminar

This is the core of the training program. This online video seminar will be your 24/7, 365 days a year success coach. Simply log in to the private members' area and you can sit back and watch this brand new video seminar that will break down, analyse and explain THINK and GROW RICH's core principles and strategies and allow YOU to create huge success in both your personal and financial life.

You're going to learn things like:

- The ten weaknesses that block your success.
- The ONE thing without which you will never enjoy outstanding success.
- The two classes of thought...and why listening to one of them will guarantee your success.
- The principle of Organized Knowledge - and how you can use its power to your advantage.
- The truth about your education...and why it makes no difference to your success.
- What you need to do, to influence other people to co-operate with you.
- The six qualities that are essential for you to become a leader.
- The secret of turning your knowledge into power

And much, much more.

I cannot put into words just how powerfully life-changing this seminar can be for you. I wish that there had been something like this available when I first came across THINK and GROW RICH. You see the book itself is so powerful it has created countless millionaires across the globe. However as you'll find out the 'hidden secrets' inside THINK and GROW RICH can take years to figure out and fully apply if you're on your own. It took me eleven months exactly to figure it out.

Now you can experience its power within the next few hours. Once you finish the seminar....well....let's just say that your life will never quite be the same.

But there's more. Not only will I teach you everything you need to know about the THINK and GROW RICH philosophy I will also provide you with a workable plan for you to just copy and follow me on the path to success. It's so simple a child could follow its strategies, and yet so powerful only a fool would dismiss it.

Component #4 - 13 STEPS to RICHES Workbook

I'll be honest with you : THINK and GROW RICH can be a heavy read. It was first published in 1923 and I know from experience that some people find it hard to work through. That's why I sat down and rewrote the entire book in simple to understand language. Now everyone can quickly understand its concepts and mind strategies for success

Now you may think to yourself that a workbook couldn't really change your life that much? I mean,: how powerful can an action plan and your pen be?

Let me tell you once you see this 13 STEPS to RICHES version you'll understand just how and why this could be the difference between you living all of your dreams, or living none of them.

Component #5 - 'THINK and GROW RICH' (The Original Book)

This classic wealth mindset book needs no further introduction. It has sold over thirty million copies worldwide and continues to be an international best seller. If you want to join the ranks of the world's most successful people this is the essential guide you must have as your companion. Keep it alongside as you watch the video version so you don't miss any of its pure gold pedigree.

Component #6 - 'The THINK and GROW RICH Mind Releasing System

This Powerful Mind Releasing System will reprogram your mind to think and act like a Millionaire while you are asleep. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true but I promise you this is something that will completely remove the barriers and obstacles that are in your way and stopping you becoming rich.

Using this Mind Releasing System you will be able to literally reprogram your mind to think like the most successful people on the planet.


When you combine this entire program - the video seminar, the video, the workbooks and the Mind Releasing System - you have everything you need to create a future as bright and as rewarding as you could possibly hope for. So I suppose the only question is...

What is unlimited success and internal power worth to you?

I suppose now we come to the point where we see how serious you really are about success and your future. When we really sort out the action-takers from the day-dreamers, the success stories from the drifters. And that is when it comes to parting with money. I know it isn't easy so rather than use any fancy jargon to try to persuade you that you need this (I shouldn't need to) I'll be straight down the line. It will cost you a one-time payment of just $67 to gain access to everything. Bearing in mind that others are charging more than this for just the audio version of the THINK and GROW RICH book, this is an absolute steal.

But there's more....

Special FAST ACTION Bonus

Needless to say, this package is jam packed with the jealously guarded secrets to becoming wealthy. Truth is, you'll never find this in-depth information in any modern book or manual because, as I already mentioned, they don't teach you the essential part on how YOU can apply the strategies you discover. With the Open your Mind to Riches Action Plan you'll learn literally everything you need to know to have more money in your bank by the end of the year than you could ever have imagined - because that's what you want - isn't it!

But even with that said, just to sweeten the pot even more I'm also going to hand you a special bonus to reward you for taking action immediately.


3 Bob Proctor Videos


Bob Proctor - Star of "The Secret" will show you:

  • What you have to do to achieve success

  • What controls your thinking

  • Find out how to change your thinking

  • Why you should re-evaluate yourself and your situation

  • How the education system lets you down

  • How to change the results in your life

  • and he will tell you what the 'missing link' is

  • plus lots more.


And if all of that wasn't enough, here's something else ...

Not only will you get everything you need to know about how you can become insanely rich in less than twelve months but if you sign up today I'll even give you the wealth creation classic:


"The Science Of Getting Rich" in Book AND Audio format.


Listen to me: If you don't see your own future as a solid investment than I really don't know what to say to you. If you think less than the price of a nice meal out for two is too much to pay to become financially independent than you are not destined for riches. I'm sorry to say that but it's true. 'Risk' is part and parcel of success. Thankfully for you I'm going to take away that risk so you have no excuses for not at least seeing if this could change your life.

Let me make this a complete no brainer - if you don't feel that this is a seminar and home study package that changes your life you don't pay a single dime!

I could easily have charged thousands of dollars for this amazing new program. If you had attended the seminar live in a hotel I would have done. However that's just not my style. I want this to be in the price range of everyone, but even at this low price I know this may still be money that may be a stretch for people.

It's for this reason, and because I am completely confident that you will want to keep the program when you see its contents, that I will let you access the entire program for a full 60 days. That's ample time to check out every component thoroughly. If you don't think that it can have a huge effect on your life, I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

How is that for confidence?

You get a full 60 days to go through everything. Watch the seminar, read the book, create an action plan using the workbook - e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And if after the 60 days it's not for you that's fine, I'll give you your money back and we'll part as friends.

I am offering this because I am that certain, and completely sure, that this program can create a future that you previously could only dream of. I look forward to being your guide to success.

Now for the bad news...

This is an introductory price only. The reason I am pricing this so low is a business decision that I want to explain to you right now. I feel honesty is always the best policy and I want to be straight down the line to you.

I am only charging this price for the first 100 customers of 'THINK and GROW RICH - The Action Plan'. That's because I will then have enough testimonials from people who have literally changed their lives overnight, and will be able to charge at least three times the price you are paying today. Seriously. The price will be going up very shortly and all the screaming, kicking and moaning in the world won't get you back in at this pre-launch offer price of just $67.

Your entire future may hinge on the decision you make today. Will you make the right one and create your own future? Or will you let 'circumstance' dictate whether or not you live your dreams?

There is just one difference between the hugely successful and those who drift from day to day wondering why their life is so cr**py. It is not talent. It is not background. Not gender. Not intelligence. It is action. Right now, this very second, your future is on a knife-edge. You will either take it by the horns and learn how to create your own success story, or you will ignore this no-risk invitation and go on your way.

Five years from now your life could be more different than you may ever have dreamed. You could be sitting there in your million dollar home with a hugely successful business and living a dream lifestyle that makes every waking hour a joy - because that's what you want - isn't it?

Alternatively you could be looking back in five years time thinking of this very moment. Wondering "what if?".

I think we both know which future you want - don't we!.

To your success

Ken Birtles

Secure acceptance form


Yes Ken! I want to learn the untold secrets of the richest and most successful people on the planet.

I understand that upon completion of my order I will get instant access to the entire OPEN YOUR MIND to RICHES Action Plan Seminar and all of the goodies that come with it.

I also understand that I have a full 60 days to go through the contents of the package and if I am not already seeing dramatic results or I don't feel I have got my money's worth I can drop you an email and get a full no questions asked refund




P.S. Youíve no doubt heard it before: if you continue to do what youíve always done, youíre going to continue to get what youíve always gotten. What Iím offering you is a chance to learn first-hand how to apply the powerful secrets of THINK and GROW RICH to achieve the wealth and lifestyle youíve always wanted. Change what youíre doing and thinking and youíll change what you get .


P.P.S. Don't forget you can take the entire program for a full 60 days and if you don't see dramatic changes in your life I'll provide you with a full and no questions asked money back guarantee.



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